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Bizarre Health Fads Around the World

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There are a lot of bizarre things in the world, from things that seem different to downright weird and out of the world. And the health and food sector is not so different from others, it can get just as weird if not more than the rest. This is the countdown of the most bizarre health fads from around the world.

The Vision Diet:

The reason that most fast food outlets are bright red, orange and yellow are because those colors are said to increase your appetite and also because it makes food look better. Many people wear blue tinted sunglasses, since it makes the food look dull and unappetizing and because blue suppresses hunger. While it might not be the most effective when you’ve been starving, it does give you an excuse to pretend like you are in an emotionally bleak movie.

The Cigarette Diet:

Back in the 1920’s this was very popular. People were encouraged to smoke instead of dieting to curb excessive eating for weight loss. And for the most part it is… effective. The nicotine in the cigarette helps suppress hunger and excessive smoking kills hunger pangs. However it does come with a side of lung cancer. But hey, it’s all about the waistline.

Activated Charcoal Detox:

When black food hit social media it was a grand success, many sporting a black ice cream or black waffle on their Instagram. And soon it was everywhere, bagels, coffee, and even face masks. While detoxing once in a while is good, it might not be a great option to do it regularly. And certainly not with activated carbon, while it might have its benefits, it lacks context. Yes, it helps decrease bloating and lowers cholesterol. But it also flushes out the good minerals in your body too.

Spanish sandwiches:

A carb, cheese and processed spreads might not be the recommended meal for weight loss. The principle is that one meal of the day is replaced by this sandwich. The filing is basically whatever you can hold between two slices of bread. So no chips, soda or fires. While it is a neat portion control trick, maybe skip this one.

Le Petit Secret:

France is the hub of fashion and super slim models. How do they do it while being surrounded by chocolate eclairs and pastries? Here is the secret: many women wear a ribbon around the waist under their clothes. It keeps them conscious of the amount of food they eat as the day progresses and as the ribbon gets tighter.

They most probably won’t work (they really won’t), but nothing is better than eating healthy and working out a few times a week. And living without lung cancer is better than having a Kardashian body, bible.

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