Chia vs Hemp vs Flax: Let’s understand Super seeds

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Flax seeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds are collectively referred to as the super seeds. This is because of the immense nutritional values they are packed with. But what do these seeds have in common? How are they different? Which of these seeds should you pick? Here is our guide to super seeds 101 answering these questions.

What are the similarities?

The three types of seeds are a great source of protein for vegan and vegetarian diet followers. They are also gluten-free and are rich in omega 3, which is very healthy for the heart, brain and immune function.

Nutrional comparisions:

  • Chia seeds:  They contain 9% of Protein, 42% of Fiber and 13% Fat. Chia seeds have the highest fibre content. These fibres are mostly the soluble or the cholesterol-lowering kind, which help to fill you up until your next meal, add bulk to stool and helps to control blood sugars. They are neutral in flavour and a little similar to poppy seeds. When exposed to water, they form a slippery gel with a slight crunch.
  • Hemp seeds:  Hemp seeds contain about 18% of Protein, 8% of Fiber, 19 % of Fat. These seeds have the highest amount of Protein. Hemp seeds also contain high quantities of omega 6. they are also rich in iron and zinc. Hemp seeds taste similar to walnuts.
  • Flax seeds:  Two tablespoons of flax seeds contain 10% of Protein, 31% of Fiber, 18 % of Fat. These seeds are the highest source of the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid. One tablespoon ground flaxseed plus three tablespoons water can substitute for one medium-sized egg. They taste hard and a bit dry, with a faintly grassy taste that gets nuttier when you toast them.

Where do you use them?

 All of the seeds can be used in smoothies, cereal and baked goods. Because of its nutlike taste and texture, hemp is perfect for sprinkling over casseroles, vegetables, or salads. Chia’s unique texture is fun to experiment with in many dishes. It can be used to bring crunch to your salads or soaked in milk/yoghurt overnight to make a chia pudding.

Which one to choose?

If you are aiming to switch to a more ‘plant-based’ diet, then adding super seeds like chia, hemp and flax for alternative protein sources is a great option. If you are looking for a fibre boost, opting for chia seeds would be a great choice. For a protein alternative, hemp seeds are a fantastic option. Reach out for flax seeds to get some more omega 3’s. So, go ahead, get creative with using these super seeds!

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