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Diwani Handi – everything you need to know

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The harvest festival has various names all across the country and is celebrated in various ways. It is called Pongal, Sankranti, Lohri, Bhogi and so many more. All these names for the same festival, the celebration for the new harvest. Agriculture and the celebration of food has deep roots in the Indian subcontinent, in the culture and lifestyle of the people. This festival brings about the beginning of new things and is celebrated with many varieties of food and sweets.

Diwani Handi is one of these dishes. It is a dish that is native to Hyderabad and has many happy memories attached to it. It is usually made around the time of the festival as a tribute to the good weather and plentiful harvest. Also a key note, all vegetables can be found about this time. It denotes the passing and coming of a good season for fresh produce and for the fertility of the soil.

A handi is typically a wide-mouthed cooking vessel, sometimes also referred to as tesla or tasli in some regions of India.

Diwani Handi is very popular and is cooked in many ways, usually with a thick and creamy base as gravy. It has many versions and can be eaten with tandoori roti, kulcha, biryani or rice. A Diwani Handi is basically a pot of all vegetables stewed together. Some add a bit of cream or cashew paste as a base for the dish that gives it a very rich and thick gravy. It is very nutritious and healthy. 

It also contains a lot of vegetables and leafy vegetables. Although it does have a lot of versions, very common vegetables are potatoes, beans, carrots, eggplant, and basically anything you feel like adding. 

It has a good mix of fibers, good fat and carbohydrates. All in all, it is a very yummy, very healthy dish.

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