Common Denominations in Diets

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As we go through the years, many things change including the ‘diet of the year’. It can be hard to keep track of all the information that comes out, especially if the new data contradicts the old. And to top that off, rigid diets can be very hard to maintain, especially when it is very restrictive in terms of the variety of food that can be consumed.

For example, back in the 80’s and 90’s, fat was considered bad for your health, and now it is considered good, like avocados and olive oil, among various things.


This diet eliminates all types of meat and dairy products, as well as honey. This is very popular for ethical reasons and by far the most effective. And has a lot of options if you want to dine out too. However as good as it is, it can also potentially go the opposite direction. Many processed foods like Oreo’s and most sodas are vegan but not healthy. It is only beneficial if it is done right.


The ketogenic diet has been in trend for a while and doesn’t seem to simmer down anytime soon. It is high in fats and very satiating but low in carbohydrates, this allows for the body to go into ketosis. During ketosis the body is better at turning fat into energy by turning fat into ketones, which improves brain function. However this diet can be very restrictive and rigid, and is low in fiber.


This is a very simple diet comparatively. Created by Dr. Barbara Rolls (Ph.D), a professor of nutrition at  Penn State University. The strategy is to eat food that has the most amount of nutrition and least amount of calories. This diet is probably the least restrictive and is very easy to maintain. If dieting makes you feel like you are starving yourself, then this diet is perfect for you since it helps keep you full and satiated. 

These are the most popular diets that have been in trend for a long time. And there are so many more if you care to google them. However if you look at all of them, they do have one thing in common: vegetables and fruits. This goes to show just how important they are. Vegetables and fruits make up a large part of every diet and contain a lot of macro- and micro-nutrients that are very important for the body, along with various antioxidants.

Getting obsessed with dieting can backfire if you are not careful with what and when you eat. While you follow the new diet trend, don’t hold back on the vegetables or fruits, since they are also a source of water, fiber and fat. 

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