Eat More, Count Less

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One of the biggest problems in getting health is the food, apart from the exercise that is. Come with the modern day is the increase in the number of diets. There’s just so many, and finding the right one seems very difficult, especially when a new alternative is introduced every other day.

While counting calories is not the most important, it does play a role in the upkeep of the body. What most people fail to understand is that counting calories is not enough by and on itself. Having a basic understanding of the body and food nutrition is the key to success, whether the goal is losing weight or gaining muscle.

To muscle up, eat more calories than you burn.

To get lean, eat less than you burn.

While all this might seem a bit much or even difficult, it really isn’t if you get the core concept. Let me break it down.

Macro-nutrients: these are carbs, protein and fats. Contrary to popular belief, these are necessary for your body. They are the fuel that you use to go about doing stuff. Less of this, and you just might pass out. Hence consume them in large.

Micro-nutrients: this is magnesium, potassium, iron and all the vitamins (A through K), also known as essential nutrients. Very, very important for your body, but in lesser quantities.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down with the real tricks:

Eat good calories. Calories are good, you need them:

Think rice with paneer (270 calories) and not a party pack of chips (roughly 2,000 calories). The key is to eat food that is filling and not what has the bar under 400.

Protein is key:

Protein is good for your muscles, they help build and repair tissue. Even if you are looking to get lean, eat a ration of protein everyday.

Check the label:

Anything with trans fats, preservatives and sugar, dump. Trans fats are linked to obesity and heart problems. While chips at 2 in the morning sounds absolutely divine, you might want to put it down.

Get healthier options:

Pepsi or Coke? Get carbonated soda.

Drink a lot of tea and coffee? Switch to honey.

Processed cheese? Get goat cheese or cottage.

Packet of chips? A serving of potato fries is better.

Pancakes? Eat crêpe, just as good.


Avocados are healthy and filling, don’t mean you eat one for every meal. Just because goat cheese has good fats, don’t eat them by the bucket. That’s going to do more harm than good. Good in excess is still bad. Ration out and control the portions that you eat.

The goal is to not eat less. It is to reduce the amount of sugar and preserved food you eat, that’s what’s going to help control your weight and get you healthy.

Calories are good. Carbs are good. Fats are good. You just need to eat the healthier options. Eat healthy. Eat sustainable.

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